Sunday, September 20, 2009

therapeutic recreation process

Hello my name is Aimee and this is a real life (therapeutic rec) adventure...

The therapeutic recreation process is an overall simple concept, but implementation requires discipline, knowledge, and patience. I like to think of therapeutic rec as a never ending cycle that is continually striving for betterment of the patient. The APIE process is instrumental and the heart and soul of therapeutic recreation.

The first step is to assess the patient. This is the time to take into account their needs, strengths, and interests. It is through these three things that patient goals and objectives will be decided.

The planning process is strategic and extremely vital to achieving set goal(s) and objectives. This is the time to correctly place patients in appropriate programs and settings for rehabilitation. Also if any programming needs to be adapted, this is the time to make those accommodations.

Implementation of the plan is simply that. Putting all the plans into place and working with the patient to achieve the set goal(s) and objectives.

Evaluation is the most crucial part of the therapeutic recreation process. It is the step that continues the cycle and allows for improvement and adjustment. During this step the goal(s) and objectives are evaluated to see how effective programming and implementation are. After evaluation, re-assessment of the patient and their goal(s) and objectives takes place restarting the cycle.

In conjunction with APIE the therapeutic recreation process allows development within patients by focusing on individual strengths and interests. Maintaining a positive attitude and atmosphere are key to improvement and growth.

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