Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hello my name is Aimee and this is a real life adventure...

There is a fine line to walk when dealing with the not-so-popular virtue of selfishness. There are those individuals more like myself who are continually over-committing themselves to various projects and organizations, giving their all to the university, their community, and others. Some individuals, such as the boy on my heart, do not struggle with this. Putting thier needs and wants at the forefront in almost every situation is natural and as a result they come off as inconsiderate of others and their feelings, putting menial tasks before relationships thinking of only one person the entire time: themself.

How can these two very different types of people share a healthy, successful relationship? Lately the balance of give and take has faulted into me giving and my counterpart either taking without reciprocation or just blatantley ignoring the entire situation. Am I forced to muddle through life dating boy after boy worrying whether or not they find playing Call of Duty 2 more important than maintaining a relationship? Is their a healthy balance?

Being objective, I try to place myself in his shoes. Here he is sashaying through life without a care in the world when, for unknown reasons, he is attracted to me. Perhaps my lack of selfishness misconstrued itself into being a pushover; the timid girl with no backbone, one who gets stuck doing what everyone else leaves for her.

In an ideal world everything works out. We have a Come to Jesus talk and learn from each other. I learn to say no and make time for myself and he realizes that Xbox Live isn't more important than date night. We walk off into the sunset holding hands.

Unfortunately, things are not always ideal. The sun is hiding behind the clouds today and he hates holding my hand. I suppose the lesson of selfishness is to find the balance that allows you to do things for others while having time to finish all my homework and get seven hours sleep at night.

Now I am forced to make a decision; continue along this path until one of us drives the other insane or be a little selfish and let him go.