Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wonder woman wednesday

If I were a superhero I'd like to be the Caffeine Countess. I could hand out really cool looking re-usable travel cups of coffee/tea. Of course I'd be conscious of those who shouldn't have it like growing children and pregnant mommas. College kids would be alert in class, business people would be active participants in their meetings, loud obnoxious people would have something to put in their mouths to save the ears of others on the train. Perhaps even light rail conductors would become better drivers. Riders would be so energized we would probably burst into song and dance making the 6:30am train a musical scene brimming at the seems with sunshine and happiness.

If I were to become the Caffeine Countess I would be in need of a sidekick, as everyone knows coffee on an empty stomach is a preposterous idea. I would name my sidekick Pastry Person as not everyone likes one specific item like the bear claw. On second thought, who even likes bear claws? Pastry Person could make those kiddies and preggers not feel so bad about missing out on the wondrous liquid pouring from my veins sweetened with come sort of Shamrock Farms goodness. We would be an unstoppable team in the world of the over extended and under slept!

i hope you had your coffee this morning.