Friday, January 28, 2011

the before

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


couldn't be making this adventure up....

I woke up this morning to Clayton rubbing my arm.

me: what time is it?
Clayton: early. the alarm hasn't gone off yet.
me: what's wrong?
Clayton: i've been waking up all night long.
me: i'm sorry my love, why can't you sleep?
Clayton: (in his very pouty voice) cause i keep on farting and it smells so bad that it keeps waking me up.
me: ....
Clayton: (precedes to fart and waft it over the bed so i can smell, just in case i thought he was lying)
me: okay, i won't make chili anymore!

i hope your wake up call was rosier than mine.

Monday, January 24, 2011


adventures temporarily on hold...

I know exactly what you're thinking. These last few posts have been a little lack luster and my blog is in need of a serious face lift. While I'll openly admit I have not even attempted to figure out HTML coding I will say that the lack of photos on my blog is due to the move. Not that moving is making me tired and I cannot document the weird things that are happening with a camera, it is solely because the move has eaten my camera battery charger. I have unpacked and repacked boxes to try and find the camera charger. Meanwhile life is passing me by totally unrecorded leaving me with only memories.

My next step is to dismantle the neatly placed boxes beneath the bed to try and find it.

i hope the move throws it up soon

Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday ritual

adventure in the mundane...

I have developed this little routine with myself on Sunday afternoons. For the last few weeks I have taken the afternoon to wash laundry, clean the bathroom, and clean the kitchen. My first reaction was unexpected. I questioned my throne of domesticity telling myself I needed to get a job and a hobby. I told myself and several others I would not be procreating for at least another decade. This was quite shocking, as I always found refuge in scrubbing the shower deep in thought. Today, just as I have done for the last few weeks I started the laundry, cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen before starting on my small list of errands. Surprisingly I found solace in the routine I developed for myself. I was comforted to know I would have a purpose for the afternoon and be alone to think and sing and dance.

One of my errands was to use part of my birthday gift card to Borders. I know, you're thinking how did I resist spending my Borders gift card for eight months? Honestly I stuck it in my wallet and became swallowed by my Fair Trade coffee punch card. I found it a few weeks ago and decided to treat myself to a novel. My pick was the infamous English story Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

I cannot wait to delve into it!

i hope you spend your gift cards on you.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

the end of the duffle bag era

just beyond the horizon awaits the biggest adventure of all...

I have done the thing I always swore I would never do. I am moving in with my boyfriend. I always told myself I would live alone before moving in with any guy, most likely I would wait until we were married or at the very least engaged before I committed to sharing a bathroom with another human being potentially for the rest of my life.

Looking back now I cannot remember how it all got started, but here I am squeezed into one bedroom with the boy I have fallen head over heels weak in the knees to the moon and back in love with while our apartment is being made ready for us. And by that I mean we are currently apartment searching. My independent self image has been reduced to storing all of her belongings into boxes unless it was absolutely necessary to have unpacked. These necessities include almost every piece of clothing I own, my owl blanket, and my bag of crafts.

If you google the question "should I move in with my boy/girlfriend?" a gamut of results come up with some extreme opinions from burned lovers and the strictly moral. (I know because I actually did it.) The other results all say the same thing: do what is right for you and your potential roommate. I suppose I never felt I would be ready to move in with anyone without a major commitment is because I have never been in such a secure relationship. I'm ecstatic that I've found someone that can agree with me on candle scents and towel colors.

Until the big date (we have until February 1st to get it together) we are sharing a bedroom. Here's a few pics of the beginning of the end :)

My television and DVD player are not hooked up so I haven't' seen Sleepless in Seattle in over a week.
I don't know if I'm going to make it.
And yes, that beautiful Homer poster gets to live in my new home.
I just don't know where yet...

Always creative, Clayton wedged a shower curtain bar in his existing closet to capitalize on the most space possible. Originally we had two shower bars, however the one on the right fell on me last week when I was attempting to retrieve my white cardigan.

Due to my excellent packing strategies almost everything fits under our bed. Unfortunately I forgot to label the boxes as I packed them so it will be like Christmas when we get into our new place.

Yet another under-the-bed shot.
I can't wait to build a home with one of the most amazing people I have ever met.
i hope you love your roomie.

Friday, January 14, 2011

happy new year!

Happy Holidays from the Williams Family...

1. Starting the New Year off right.

2. Yes, that thermometer reads 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
Yes, I was in Arizona.

3. My father and aunt ringing in the New Year the "cool" way.

4. Of course there were fireworks.

5. The pyro crew.

6. Family <3

7. Christmas in my owl jammies

8. Man, those Mormons really know how to decorate for Christmas!

9. Hoping I was on the "nice" list this year...

10. I did it!

Currently: Reaching for the stars

and running late for happy hour!

i hope you spent the holidays with the ones you love.