Monday, March 4, 2013

she only needed a spinkle, not the whole shower

This weekend was full of family, which is exactly what the doctor ordered. My cousin Kim, her husband, and her three year old little boy welcomed their little girl into the world just a couple of weeks ago. On Saturday we celebrated the arrival of little miss Lucie with presents, cornhole, and (with all Williams' family events) lots of alcohol.

When I caught wind of the party I decided to give a homemade gift. After 30 minutes of looking at patterns and another hour and a half of perusing the flannel aisle (which isn't very large, mind you) I finally settled on making two receiving blankets and a pair of booties. The monkey blanket was inspired by Lucie's nickname in the womb. My cousin decided to not identify the sex of the baby before she was born, so her brother had given her the nickname "Monkey". Unbeknownst to me the nursery had been decorated in monkeys.

Kim was so excited!

The desperately-hoping-to-be anthropolgie booties.

I am so happy for my cousin and her little family. Watching them this weekend made me both exhausted (just trying to keep up with the three year old was a feat) and excited for the (far away) future. I was completely in awe at the sweet face and tiny features of this breathtaking little girl. And that smell! The new baby smell was intoxicating.

Thanks Kim for sharing your babies with our family, I am so lucky to get watch them grow!

family is always first.

Friday, March 1, 2013

the little things

I am having one of those trying days. The one where you want to scream and kick and shout and cry and tell the world at the top of your lungs "no, that is NOT okay". Instead you swallow a few times and shrug, it will be fine.

I could rant about all of the terrible, horrible things happening to me. As an alternative I am choosing to highlight other things in my life that I am grateful for.

"Make your own pizza nite" at Dad's house with as many toppings allowed as you can image. 

 A hand-me-down coupon book from my best friend Sara as a going away present.
It happens to have coupons for all kinds of wonderful inside.

Snow in Phoenix (okay, technically Mesa) in the middle of a February day.
Squint hard, I promise it's there!

No these things are not profound and amazing, but they are what keeps a smile creeping across my face this week.

my glass is half full.