Friday, November 19, 2010

the great gatsby

a great adventure....

Just arrived home from Friday night date night with my best friend, Sara. We spent the evening in the courtyard area of the Biltmore in awe of the lives on the screen before us. On Friday evenings the Biltmore Fashion Park has hosted movies in their center court allowing families, couples, and friends to picnic on the lawn and enjoy a classic American film. This week in the park The Great Gatsby captured the audience and onlookers alike.

Previously, I had never seen the movie so I was delighted to see the beaded gowns, sequined headbands, and the romanticized way of life. As a matter of fact, I may just make my own Great Gatsby inspired headband and wear it the unneccarily lavish accesory to the market.

While I must report the experience was a bit chilly (I literally tried on my winter coat before leaving the house, but decided I looked silly at the last minute and went with a thinner sweater- something I started to regret around 8:45) it made the experience that much more. I was transported into winter with the store fronts decorated in red and green, trees adorned with white twinkle lights, and the crowd of movie goers bundled in scarves and blankets.

It made for an absolutely gorgeous Friday night.

i hope to see you at my table.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

we're actually a visa family

another adventure just beyond the horizon....

Instate Tuition at ASU for 4.5 years: $18,258.00

Sitting for the NCTRC Exam: $425.00

Overnighting 2 transcripts to New York: $82.23

Knowing your daughter will stay in Arizona for the next three years: Priceless

Thanks Momma and Mike!!! I would never have been able to get through without you!

i hope you follow your dreams.

Friday, November 12, 2010

warm fuzzies

an adventure in my own backyard...

Last year my sister and I got these fuzzy scented socks for Christmas. At the time we thought they were totally weird and agreed that we would most likely never use them.

Fast forward eleven months....
The couple who gifted us these are genius!!! I was sitting in my house freezing thinking of ways to stay warm when the fuzzy sock popped into my head.
It took me a minute to dig them out, but it was so worth it.
My piggies will be nice and warm this winter :)

Thank you Bruce and Jamie!

Also note my favorite thing, my owl blanket from Target.
I <3 it!

i hope your socks are scented this holiday season.

Monday, November 8, 2010

coming soon: the real world

Put your cowgirl boots on and hang on for yet another adventure...

My vanilla bean candle is lit and the scent over-powers my room in the best way. Pandora is doing a wonderful job swirling the musical talents of The Format, Dave Matthews Band, Speechwriters LLC, Mason Jennings, Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, and many others. I'm wearing my paper crown for nostalgia, hoping it will help me craft a somewhat interesting post. My window is open to Willow, but the weather isn't as cool as November should feel.

I'm feeling rather homesick. The feeling came about yesterday afternoon and has only been welling up inside, slowly consuming all I am. I know it is partly here because a big wonderful chapter in my life is concluding and will soon introduce a new slightly scary and uncertain page in my book. Graduation is literally five weeks away, I'm moving out of the Willow house in eight, and I have no clue what my future holds. On top of everything else Christmas is just round the bend and I am sad because while I know this year will bring new traditions and memories it also means moving away from and all too soon forgetting the old ones.

It is unnerving to me to crave a home that does not exist. I want to live and be in a safe place that smells good, creates a warm calm, and is full of happiness. I want to see my family healthy and joyful. I want to sleep in the same bed every night. I am tired of living out of a duffel bag, tired of worrying.

I hope I find where it is I'm supposed to be. I know who I am supposed to spend the rest of my adventure-filled existence with, but I seem to have lost the directions to the corner of "financially stable" and "organized".

Take a deep breath. Last time I was overwhelmed with adult worries about my internship the stars lined up and everything has turned out to be amazingly lovely. I'm headed for big things, I just have to have faith.

i hope my lucky star is still up there.

weekend whipping by

Hello my name is Aimee and this is a real life adventure...

Dear weekend,

Why did you go by so fast?

Please stay longer next time.


Dear Momma,

Thank you for spending your Saturday with me trying to replace the car battery.

I love you!


Dear Clayton,

Sometimes it is hard to kiss you because loving you makes me smile.

My heart is yours.


i hope your weekend was fantastic.