from the beginning

Real Life Adventures started in the fall of 2008 mostly by accident.  One of my professors required each student to start their own blog, which is why if you look back to the beginning there are a few random posts about John Muir and transcendentalism.  Later that same semester I started working for the office of the Dean for the College of Public Programs as a student recruiter.  Part of my job required me to blog about my experience as a student at Arizona State University.  After a short while I became obsessed which has led me to posting about all facets of my life, not just my student experience.

I decided on the name Real Life Adventures because I was always planning for next week and the end of the semester, and then for after graduation.  One day it hit me- if I kept living in tomorrowland I would never appreciate things happening now and I would let all the memories and great times pass me by.  I realized THIS is real life, it has already started.