Sunday, March 22, 2009

curing the infection

I'd like to consider myself a somewhat serious student. I go to class, get good grades, and am involved in extra curricular activities. Despite my enthusiasm for the pursuit of higher education, I cannot help but find myself in a spring slump. Each day I find it increasingly harder to resist the urge to throw on my polka dotted bikini and skip class to lay out in the sun with my friends. Forcing myself to concentrate on assignments in my dorm room has proved impossible, and my body refuses to travel the well worn path to the library to seek silence. I am afraid that upon registering for my senior year I inadvertently signed up for a strong, stubborn case of senioritis.

Last Wednesday was one of the hardest days I have had in the longest time, academically speaking that is. I walked into my PRM 470 class completely unprepared to deliver an interpretive talk on hiking areas in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. After a painfully embarrassing presentation made by myself and two other group members (also suffering from either spring slump or senioritis) I went home and cried. Literally. I am not usually the type of student to come to class unprepared, to hand in my homework incomplete, or forget due dates. The lack of preparation for this semi-important assignment put my academic goals back in perspective. I am now finding it somewhat easier to do my readings and study, if for no other reason than feeling absolutely terrible about my self-esteem and character for two days after the showcasing of my lack of preparation.

Let my sad, embarrassing story serve as a warning. Don't let the sunshine beam down on your face and make you too high. We've got just under seven weeks until finals, and in that time I will do my best to find the cure to put the spring into my step on my way to class, rather than slumping poolside with other juniors suffering from pre-mature senioritis.