Thursday, February 28, 2013

perks of living in the Willo

Growing up I had always heard urban legends about people who lived in small towns and knew their neighbors by name. Or the family who had the block party and invited all the neighbors to barbecue and play games. I had never actually known these people who not only knew the names of the individuals living next door, but actually liked them.

You guys, I have become the urban legend! Clayton and I met our new next door neighbors and they have proved to be nothing short of awesome. We cook dinners for each other, grab drinks together, and talk about our other grumpy neighbors/living in really old and *charming* homes.

One morning I even awoke to find this on our doorstep!


The rice krispies did not last long at all, and once you moved past the burned bottoms the muffins were equally delicious!

Since we have also found "hand-me-down-smut" aka last week's People magazine and varied fruits and vegetables on our doorstep. I am so happy to know that in trying times when it feels like the amount of people you can trust in this world is dwindling, there are still thoughtful and lovely people all around in the most unexpected of places!

won't you be my neighbor?

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