Thursday, November 1, 2012

front yard facelift

 Last weekend our neighborhood held one of the two annual community yard sales. Basically it is awesome because they pay for all the advertising and signage and all I had to do was lug my junk out onto the carport at the crack of dawn (okay, more like 7:30am). I combined my unwanted items with some of my aunt's things. My mom and sister Emily came by with some of their stuff too.

 It was by no means the snazziest sale I've been to, but it made me enough to take my husband out for a night on the town! But more importantly, my neighbor traded me some jars for her old wheelbarrow!! At first Clayton was giving me his skeptical look mixed in with his "humor her" eyes. After a quick trip to Home Depot I transformed the old wheelbarrow into a lovely front yard addition.

I drilled/hammered a few holes in that sucker and planted an assortment of pansies and petnunias. I fell for the little white pansies with the sweet purple faces, which turned out to be a great color contrast for the new (old) green planter.

What was that? You noticed something in our carport in the background of one of these photos? It's another project we are working on, also purchased on the same day as the Willo yard sale!

so excited to share my next project!

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