Saturday, April 20, 2013

Elusinian 2013

One of my favorite spring time events has come and gone and I cannot believe it has been seven years! At the beginning of the month I attended Psi Epsilon's Elusinian Brunch to Celebrate Chi Omega's 118th Birthday. Happy Birthday Sisters!

This year I was even more excited than usual, I had been scheming and creating for over a month on the outfit I wore to the event. It was my second attempt at a maxi skirt and my first time working with silk (I learned ALOT) and editing a pattern. After all my hard work I decided to debut the skirt on Easter and show it off again at this dressy occasion.

Like I have done every year, I posed with my sister in front of the beautiful backdrop. After the obligatory "Hawaii" photos had been snapped I enjoyed brunch to the sound of a successful and inspiring keynote speaker as well as other Chi Omega traditions.

Feeling accomplished for my second showing of the stellar skirt and lovely morning in good company I headed out to the parking lot. And that, is where things literally started unraveling rather quickly. My sandal caught the bottom of my skirt and I looked down just in time to see the binding falling off the bottom. After almost tripping over my skirt, now in two pieces I hiked the sucker up and speedily made my way to the car.

The timing couldn't have been better. I am just thankful I was walking out of the resort instead of into it! All my hard work, frustration, and tears was now undoing itself. Apparently the fabric was so fine that it started shredding, causing the binding (bottom of the skirt serving as a hem) to fall off. Luckily, I had worn a different dress to church earlier that morning and was able to change before heading to another sorority event.

I have to be honest, I am not as upset as I expect myself to be. When I consider the following reasons I feel better:

1. (as previously stated) I have never worked with the fabric, as a result I will never forget to surge silk before sewing it to anything.
2. I blatantly disregarded several steps in the pattern and altered it from it's original design.
3. I wore it twice before it fell off of my body.

All in all, it was a success. The thing I'm most disappointed about is how our pictures turned out this year. We usually take pictures after brunch, but do to a scheduling conflict we had to take them before. Lesson learned I will never do this again!

My skirt in one piece.

I can't get over that she graduates in December!!!

I LOVE Haleigh's dress! 

On another note, I will steer clear of bright pink lipstick until I am ready to purposefully emulate my great grandmother.

always carry an extra outfit when wearing handmade clothing!

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